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Dog Bandana for St Pattys Day - Gold Coins and Green Clovers

Size: Small

Color: Orange



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This non traditional pet bandana is perfect for St Pattys Day. Quirky, yet cute with the color orange, it's adorable on all dogs, including red heads. 😉

Our dog bandanas are 100% cotton with overlock stitching on the hems to ensure rugged durability, free from fraying and raveling. These dog bandanas are lightweight and breathable.

A size chart is available in the photos.

The small bandana is a 14" x 14" x 20" pre cut triangle. Roll the bandana until the desired length down the back has been achieved, then tie around the dog's neck.

The large bandana is a 22" x 22" x 31" pre cut triangle. While this size will fit most breeds of dogs, we still recommend rolling the bandana to the desired look before tying around the pet's neck.

Our designs are placed in the lower corner to allow for visibility. The laughable design is of vinyl and will be on one side. The design will have black lettering and shamrocks in green with yellow gold coins.

Material is one layer cotton. A breathable bandana for everyday!