Mine does! While treating his anxiety, we discovered that dog clothes help with dog shedding. Sounds logical, right? I never thought of dog clothing having that benefit, but it does! This is how to reduce dog shedding in your home.

We accidentally discovered this benefit of dog clothing and it almost slipped by us. When I started dressing my dog with shirts, hoodies and sweaters, I was concentrating on reducing his anxiety. The dog clothing creates a swaddle effect on your dog, reducing their anxiety, with proper fitting. However, an added benefit is that the clothing catches the hair as well! Who knew? Well, it makes sense, but never would I have dreamt that we would get two benefits out of one product.

Here's how I keep my dog’s hair to a minimum inside my house and off my furniture:

They will shed. That’s no surprise but you can control the shedding by putting a dog shirt, dog jacket, or dog sweater on them. I will change the clothing out in the backyard so there is even less hair on my floors and furniture. --Yes, it’s easy.-- Then, I wash the shirt inside out, hand it to dry, and it’s ready for next time.

Think about it…

Are you tired of dog hair on your bed sheets? Let your dog wear a cozy shirt to bed, or comfy dog pajamas.

Are you tired of embarrassing dog hair on your furniture for guests to see? Simply throw a sweater on your dog to catch the hair!

Are you tired of sweeping your floors? Keep a warm hoodie on your pet to catch most of that shed!

So, keep a couple of shirts and sweaters on hand and swap them out as needed. Again, it can be that easy. Think about what you can do with that extra time you will have! Along with catching dog hair, clothing for pets can help reduce anxiety, help with excess scratching, shield open wounds, protect against skin allergies, help with excess licking and much more.

Check out our Collections of XSmall Breed to Giant Breed dog clothes to get started today. If you need help with sizing, we have guides to help you find the perfect fit for your dog’s shirt. If you need additional help or have questions, schedule a virtual dressing room session. It’s a scheduled one on one zoom call to answer any questions you have about your dog or dog clothing.

Happy De-shedding!


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