Do dog clothes really calm your pet? The short answer is yes, and I’m going to explain how right here.

Usually an aggressive dog or anxious dog merely lacks confidence or something is bothering them. The unwanted behavior is how they communicate or react to feeling uncomfortable.  Imagine if you couldn't speak but were anxious.  Wouldn't you behave in a manner to seek attention or show irritability?

You can help reduce your pet's anxiety and improve their behavior. Your dog communicates in different ways like shaking from fear, reacting aggressively, excessive biting or prolonged scratching and more. Just remember your pet’s communication style is more physical and our communication style, as humans, are more verbal.

Your dog may feel overwhelmed and it’s not your fault! But you feel hopeless, I understand. It’s also not their fault! It’s simply a situation that needs your attention and a solution. Dainty and Dapper Pet Boutique wants to help!  

As a puppy, their mother would nudge their breast area to calm them or redirect them. So, they are used to that touch. Your pet is also used to being close to others. Think about when they were born. In a litter with others, your puppy drank from their mother, touching their siblings. Your dog even slept on top of their siblings all night, snuggled all warm and cozy. And like any adopted relationship, if we can simulate what your pet recognizes or likes, it can only help you, your relationship with your pet, and their behavior.

If you need help with sizing a dog shirt, schedule a quick and free virtual dressing room session. It’s on your time and you don’t need special equipment. It’s one on one zoom call and I will guide you on how to properly measure to get your desired outcome.

When a dog shirt is sized properly, the contact or pressure against your pet’s skin will help them feel more secure. As a result, they will be less aggressive and agitated. When you dress your dog, you are creating a swaddle effect on their bodies, just like a baby. The feeling your anxious dog will have is close and comfortable, just like a big hug from you the entire day. Similar to the effect of thunder vests, simple dog shirts can help your pet feel safe and secure.

Dressing your dog may have more positive affects as well! Keeping your cold, short haired dog warm can greatly reduce anxiety for them. And even though it’s hot outside, if your dog is inside, they can still get cold.

Are you ready to help your pet? If you would like to get started on a more relaxed journey with your dog, schedule your free virtual dressing room session now! We will do the work for you.


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