Does your pet suffer from irritated paws or irritation on the skin?  Could this be the reason for their bad behavior?  Maybe their painful irritation is making them uncomfortable, making them act a certain way... There is help.  Treat their painful symptoms and watch their behavior get better.

Fox + Hound Paw Protection is a natural way to heal your pet's irritated paws and skin rashes on dogs.  Fox + Hound All Seasons Paw Pad Protection is made with nature's most powerful and non-irritating healing agents that moisturize and soothe your dog's irritated pads.   An intensive treatment developed for a dog's delicate pads which, when left untreated, can lead to dryness and inflammation that can lead to cracking, bleeding and of course, great discomfort for our loyal companions. 

When dog's are uncomfortable, their behavior turns territorial, which can become dangerous.  There aren't dangerous dogs;  there are dangerous behaviors that dogs exert when they are uncomfortable or irritated.

This paw butter protects paws while locking in moisture, creating a barrier between your dog and the most extreme weather conditions. This formula is safe and non-toxic, with the added benefit of decreasing the effects of allergens your dog may come in contact with. Best for use when your dog is going out on hot surfaces, like sidewalks, gravel and concrete; or facing elements such as salt, ice, snow and rough terrain. In Winter months, to prevent snowballing, rub up in between and around the pads.  It's a multi-functional treatment that you can trust to treat many of your dog's ailments in one.

When you purchase products from us, know that you are helping other pets.  As a retailer, we look to partner with brands that give back.   $1 of every jar sold is donated to Fox + Hound K9 Foundation to help ensure each K-9 Hero is rewarded with health and the way of life that they deserve for their faithful and loyal service.  And then 10% of your purchase goes to the Humane Society.  You just can't beat that!  Grab your Paw Protection now and start to see the healing. > Duke's Paw Protection


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