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The Beast & Buckle Big Dog Harness combines Beast & Buckle cuteness with the strength and safety features needed to support our big dogs! Featuring D-rings on both sides and a safety handle on the back for emergencies, this large dog harness has everything you need for a safe, enjoyable walk.

This harness for large dogs features a badass tattoo pattern! Why you and your human will love this harness:

* Strong, yet luxurious - built using strong, sturdy materials capable of holding large, strong dogs without issue

* Perfect fit - the straps are very adjustable, allowing for a customized fit for dogs of varying neck/body ratios

* Built for comfort - while the materials are VERY strong, they'll also keep you comfortable, and the three-buckle setup means no pulling the harness over your head!

* Cute as a button - it wouldn't be a Beast & Buckle harness if it didn't look like a million bucks...and this one is no exception! No more plain, boring harnesses :)